Thursday, March 19, 2020

Corona prevention- part 4

My Daily Regimen ( protocol) during this outbreak of fever , for  disease prevention -

Daily, started taking steam with water boiled with Tulsi and Purina , in the  morning.

These procedures are quite good for prevention till the onset of fever.

Alongwith these, as usual instilled one drop each of sesame seed oil in each nostril (nasya) . The other family members and children don't usually like instilling the nasal drops. So I insisted them to dip two fingers in oil and apply inside both nostrils ; it was a success. After nasya, compulsorily gargle warm water mixed with little salt.

All these things everyone should practice daily ( except exposure to steam). But no one practices it. If not done during this fever outbreak atleast, then not needed to be done.....

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