Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Enhancing immunity day 2

Corona prevention _Day2

 From today onwards , every family member started taking Agastya Rasayana, an immuno boosting Ayurveda medicine. Agastya Rasayana is a drug of choice in cases of cough, breathing problems and there are many references in  Ayurveda books and it has been revealed in some research works also (and also from 19 years of my clinical practice).

My father-in law , who is diabetic, couldn't be given this medicine as it is contraindicated for him.

Apart from this , I avoided cold food stuffs, food items kept in the refrigerator and all other food items which have a tendency to increase Kapha in the body. Since ,  meat and other non veg items are usually  cooked with much spices and sour , they were also avoided.

Our digestive system should be in good condition at this hour, so chocolates and other sweets were also avoided.

Though it is vacation time, the children understood the importance of proper food during this Corona outbreak and are cooperating for the time being .

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  1. For diabetic person instead of agastyarasayanam what we can give